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Sentient Media

Founded in 2017 by Mikko Jarvenpaa and Grant Lingel, Sentient Media is a nonprofit media organization working to create transparency around animal rights and the planetary crisis created by global factory farming. Sentient Media reports on animal welfare issues and highlights the many intersections among humans, animals, and the environment.

Sentient Media produces original reporting to educate and inspire journalists, academics, public officials, and the general public. Their focus areas are animal agriculture and animal welfare in the context of climate change, wildlife conservation, the cruelty of factory farming, and the rise of plant-based lifestyles and foods.

Sentient Media was founded in 2018 by Mikko Jarvenpaa and Grant Lingel.






San Francisco, CA


Humane Ventures supports innovative startups dedicated to reducing animal suffering through research, public education, and anti-cruelty legislation.